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PAY ₹3750

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Please complete the payment through the QR mentioned in this screen and complete the process. 

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Thank you for Choosing Orbit, We will get back to you with the details of your Cohort soon!

By Completing this step, You Agree to the User Agreement and Orbit's Terms and Conditions. 

  • Users are granted a one-month usage period for the Orbit headband, starting from the onboarding date.

  • Users consent to the collection of physiological and usage data for biofeedback and product improvement but acknowledge it is not for medical purposes and will be confidentially held within the scope of Services offered by the product.

  • Users commit to using the product responsibly and agree to return it by the end of the cohort period.

  • Users agree to care for the product and maintain it in its original condition, undamaged beyond normal wear and tear before the return of the Product.

  • Users agree not to disclose confidential information acquired during product usage as the Cohort is exclusive for selected users before the product's official launch.

  • Neurostellar is dedicated to safeguarding user data, adhering to the principles outlined in the Privacy Policy and HIPAA compliance guidelines.

  • The collected data may be used by Neurostellar only for reference and product improvement purposes. It is not intended for medical diagnosis or treatment and would not be shared with external entities, only accessible by you and Neurostellar.

  • Neurostellar reserves the right to terminate or suspend user accounts for violations of the agreement or applicable laws.

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