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User Agreement

User Agreement (the "Agreement") is a mutual understanding between Neurostellar ("we," "us," or "our") and the user ("you" or "User") for the purposeful use of the Orbit headband, the Mobile Application (Product), and related services with an added provision for consultancy from Wellness and Neuroscience experts (Services).

Neurostellar thanks you for your interest in the usage of it's Product and Services. Your agreement to this document signifies your commitment to comply with the terms and conditions associated with the utilization of Neurostellar's Orbit headband and its services.

    • Users are granted a one-month usage period for the Orbit headband, starting from the onboarding date.

    • The Orbit headband is designed for relaxation monitoring, biofeedback training, and personal development.

    • Users are aware of the description of the Product that Orbit is a portable brain-sensing headband designed to enhance mental well-being and cognitive performance through customizable biofeedback techniques included in the iOS and Android App.

    • Users are informed about the two active EEG electrodes positioned at AF7 and AF8 sites of the cortex, following the international standard 10-20 electrode system. In addition to the EEG sensors, and the Photoplethysmograph (PPG) sensor to measure the volumetric variations of blood circulation, specifically due to cardiac pulse wave.

    • Users consent to the collection of physiological and usage data for biofeedback and product improvement but acknowledge it is not for medical purposes and will be confidentially held within the scope of Services offered by the product.

    • Users are instructed to charge and pair the headband, follow on-screen instructions, and maintain sensor cleanliness as per the user manual. Users are entrusted with proper charging and usage to enhance the longevity of the device.

    • Users commit to using the product responsibly and agree to return it by the end of the cohort period.

    • Users agree to care for the product and maintain it in its original condition, undamaged beyond normal wear and tear before the return of the Product.

    • In the event of a positive user experience, Users may consider participating in our beta pre-order program to access the next version of the product, improved based on their feedback through the cohort.

    • Users agree not to disclose confidential information acquired during product usage as the Cohort is exclusive for selected users before the product's official launch.

    • The Orbit headband is not a medical-grade device, and its data is for informational purposes only. Results may vary, and it is intended for use by adults.

    • Neurostellar is dedicated to safeguarding user data, adhering to the principles outlined in the Privacy Policy and HIPAA compliance guidelines.

    • The collected data may be used by Neurostellar only for reference and product improvement purposes. It is not intended for medical diagnosis or treatment and would not be shared with external entities, only accessible by you and Neurostellar.

    • Neurostellar reserves the right to terminate or suspend user accounts for violations of the agreement or applicable laws.

    • Neurostellar may modify the agreement with user notification, and continued use implies acceptance of the modified terms.

    • Users are advised to use the Orbit headband with an understanding of its limitations and seek professional advice for health-related concerns.

User agrees to the Terms and Conditions of using Orbit and is aware of Our Privacy Policy.



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