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Welcome to The Orbit’s Guide! We're here to answer your questions and help you with all the needed resources. Can't find what you're looking for?  Send our support team a note at!

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Download the Orbit App here and start experiencing Orbit.

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How to Install Orbit in iOS: (through Test Flight)

  • Install Test Flight on your iOS Device

  • Sign Up and download Testflight App

  • Get redirected to the Orbit App download page

  • Download the Orbit app through Testflight

  • You can download and Install/Update the latest Orbit Version from the Testflight feature.

How to Install Orbit in Android:
(through Firebase)

  • Sign up on Firebase on your Android device 

  • Verify your Firebase account through your mail.

  • Once verification is done, get the download link for Orbit through the mail.

  • Download the Orbit App from your Browser or Firebase App.

  • You can download and Install/Update the latest Orbit Version from the Firebase.

  • Please find the link to download Orbit from the Orbit Community

    For iOS Users:

  • Install Test Flight on your iOS Device

  • Sign Up and download Testflight App

  • You can download and Install/Update the latest Orbit Version from the Testflight feature.

Access resources here

User Manual


Technical Spec


Download Orbit User Guide

  • How to download the Orbit App?
    iOS users will be able to download the alpha version of the application through TestFlight Application and Android users will be able to install the test version of the application from Firebase. ( iOS Link: Android Link:
  • What are the system requirements and compatible devices
    Orbit application is compatible with Android versions above 11 and for all versions of iOS. Users need to enable their Location and Bluetooth permissions to use Orbit.
  • How to connect the headband to the app?
    Enable Bluetooth on your mobile and turn on the headband. Give Access to the Location from the app for the device to be detected by the application. Your headband will now be connected. Ensure the headband's charge is above 30% before starting a session.
  • Why won’t my headband connect to the app?
    The reasons might be signal traffic or lack of required permissions for the usage of Orbit. Make sure your Bluetooth and location are turned on and try to reconnect. If it is still not working, try closing the app completely and reopening it. Avoid any other Bluetooth devices connected to the same mobile in case of connectivity issues.
  • My headband is disconnected in the middle of the session, what do I do?
    You can reconnect the headband from the session itself or close the session and restart it from the main page.
  • What does the headband do?
    The headband measures Physiological signals including brain activity, Heart rate, and breath coherence and helps you identify your current relaxation levels.
  • Does the device pass any signal to my brain?
    No. The Headband is not designed for any stimulation purposes. It just reads the signals and sends them to your Orbit App.
  • How do I know the headband's battery status?
    Click on the Bluetooth icon in the app to see the battery status. The LED indicator in the device also shows the battery status.
  • How long does it take to charge the headband?
    It takes 3-4 hours to fully charge the headband.
  • Should I clean the headband every time?
    You don't need to. But if you wish to, you can use a sanitizer pre/post the session.
  • Are there any skin sensitivity issues from using the device?
    No, Orbit is perfectly biocompatible unless you have any allergic reaction towards the compounding materials like the Cotton Lycra fabric and Silver coated sensors.
  • Can I use earphones while using the app?
    Since we have personalised mindfulness sessions, We strongly suggest the users use their earphones to have a better experience of the product.
  • What is real-time neurofeedback?
    Real-time neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback during a session where you will receive audio cues based on your current state of mind that is physiological signals such as EEG(Brain's electrical activity) and PPG (Heart's mechanical activity) in this case.
  • How long should the device be used every time?
    It depends on you and your comfort. Do a Neurofeedback session whenever and however long you would like to. However, if you are a Novice meditator, we would suggest starting slow with 5-10 minutes a day and gradually increasing the duration as the days go by.
  • What does Baseline mean?
    The baseline is the measure of a user’s current state of mind. It is the alpha and theta frequency of your brain at the beginning of a session that is computed to calibrate the session accordingly.
  • What happens to my Bio-data?
    The information collected during the challenge will be anonymous and secured by our cloud data safety protocols. The information collected will be limited to Demographics, Behavioural data (Basic Psychometric scales), and Biosignals (EEG-brain waves and HRV-Heart Rate Variability) The scope of the data collection is only to improve device output accuracy and user experience. Therefore, the data will not be shared with any person/entity outside the organisation at any appeal.
  • How do multiple users use the same headband?
    Just log in from a different User ID and connect to the headband if you are using a single mobile application. If you need to connect to a different mobile, please disconnect the headband from the existing app (if any) and connect it to the App where you log in with your new user ID.
  • What does my session score mean?
    Your session score is a cumulative calculation of your relaxation levels respective to your brain's electrical activity.
  • How is my score calculated?
    The algorithm detects your brain's alpha wave frequency and computes the Orbit score to be a reflection of your current state of mind.
  • What does the real-time graph post-session say?
    The graph shows how your focus and relaxation levels varied throughout the session as time progressed and your performance ranged from 0-100.
  • What do the levels mean?
    Levels are a depiction of your Wellness progress. Every time you achieve your weekly goals and maintain a consistent streak, you are awarded more orbit points along with your usual Session-based Orbit points which helps you progress to the next levels.
  • Where can I find my progress?
    The session score and details are displayed right after the session, You can also see the session scores and the number of sessions done in a day in the Calendar bar from the Profile page.
  • What are Orbit Points?
    Orbit Points have derived reward points based on the neurofeedback sessions you do and your performance.
  • What are goals?
    Weekly Meditation goals helps you set an ideal duration for which you wish to use Orbit for your wellness for a week.
  • What are streaks?
    Streaks are rewards for your consistency in using Orbit daily. It's designed to help you form Meditation/brain Training as a Habit.
  • How do I contact Support?
    You can reach out to us through the mentioned contact number +91 784 521 6763 (call, SMS, Whatsapp) or mail us at
  • How do I return/replace the device?
    Please contact us through Support and our customer service executive will guide you.
  • How do I replace the sensors?
    The Sensors are fixed to the headband through a simple button-type mechanism, you can remove it just by pulling it out and plugging in the new sensor if the old sensor's coating starts to wear off.
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FEEDBACK: Give your feedback and suggestions on the challenge and Orbit through the Community Platform (Slack)

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